The Herb Curbâ„¢ is a brand new stash box designed from the ground up to make sure your stash remains safe, secure, fresh, and organized. 
We asked daily, occasional, medicinal, and recreational users what they would like in the perfect stash box. Through months of drafts, tweaks, and revisions we finally arrived at The Herb Curbâ„¢.
Photos can be deceiving. Most stash boxes on the market are either too small or too big. We believe we've struck the perfect balance in size that offers plenty of storage space while remaining low profile.
A product is only as good as the materials used to create it. We wanted to be sure that your box could be used day in, day out, with the same great feeling as the moment it first arrived. A handmade solution was the only way to achieve this level of detail and quality.
We chose Paulownia wood for it's unique combination of strength, durability, and light weight. Each Herb Curb will have it's own distinct look due to the natural wood grain left in it's raw form.
 - Size: 12" x 10" x 3.75" (30% more space than traditional boxes!)
 - Layout: 6 strategically designed compartments (Perfectly fits Joints, Blunts, Lighters, Grinder, Stash Jar, Bowl)
 - Removable Rolling Tray: Front loaded removable rolling tray has been cut to adequately fit most rolling papers and makes it simple to roll multiple things at once. Alternatively, the tray makes a great space to hold vape pens, e-cigs, or any other tools!
 - Odor Control: The Herb Curb was built with 3 different mechanisms to contain odors: a locking clasp, a "perfect seal" lid design, and magnetized inner lid that snaps into place.

- Ease of Use: The bottom of the box is lined with a supportive black foam to diminish any ash or scuff marks. It also helps for grabbing stuff quickly and easily!
Metal corner protectors save the box from wear and tear

The natural wood grain stands out and adds a unique touch to a coffee table or bookshelf

Lightweight,  Secure, and Odorless

"This box has it all, and for the price - it simply can't be beat."
Steven S. - Chicago Based Dispensary Owner
Take advantage of our LAUNCH PRICING, this won't stick around forever!

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